This is a question we receive far too often. People often base their decision on joining the US Army on whether or not they will be deployed after their basic training is over. This is an understandable concern, so we wanted to address it on a large scale.

So, will you be deployed after training? We really cannot say. Not because it’s secret knowledge, but because we just don’t know. Many factors play into whether or not you will be deployed after training. These factors include your MOS, your duty station (where you’re stationed after training), and the current needs of the Army. However, the question shouldn’t be “IF” you’re going to be deployed, but “WHEN”. By joining the US Army, you put your country before yourself. This is a very honorable thing that most people just cannot do. And for that very reason, you should expect to deploy sometime in your US Army career.

Throughout the past few years, the war has seemingly died down, but there is still work to be done. Sure, not as many troops are overseas, but we still have a presence. You should not join the US Army and not expect to stay in the US for your career. You will deploy, you will return, you will be fine. America will be better for your sacrifice, and you will be a better person because of it.

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