Army MOS 131A

Field Artillery Targeting Technician

Primary Duties: The Field Artillery Targeting Technician is a warrant officer position which provides information to a commander and his staff about all aspects of the Army's targeting methodologies and equipment. This officer may also be involve in the planning and execution of operations as well as coordinating those operations across units.

As a W-1 or W-2, the Field Artillery Targeting Technician may be in charge of these aspects at a platoon or battalion level, while a W-5 may be in charge of an entire Corps.




  • Must be a Staff Sergeant or above
  • Must hold one of the following MOSs: 11C, 13B, 13D, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, 13T, or 19D
  • Must have completed the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)
  • If no college degree, 6 hours of English and 3 hours of Math from an accredited university are required