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Improve your Fitness

It’s not easy! Be prepared for the physical demands of basic training and improve your APFT score.

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Prepare for the ASVAB

The ASVAB is a test you will be required to take prior to joining the Army. You will be unable to join if you do not score well enough.

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For Families

Do you have a family member or friend that is in basic training? Learn how you can communicate, visit, and offer the most support for your soldier.

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Future Soldiers

Thinking about going to basic training? Already signed up? Our site will get you prepared, mentally and physically, for the best decision of your life.

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How Tough is Basic Training?

How Tough is Basic Training?

If you plan to join the US military, that means basic training is in your near future. And you might have heard stories that make basic training sound pretty scary. But how hard is basic training in reality? The short answer is that basic training is no walk in the...

What is a typical day in Army Basic Training?

What is a typical day in Army Basic Training?

Run. Train. Learn. Repeat. A Typical Day in Army Basic Training. Committing to join the U.S. Military opens an exciting new chapter in one's life. Preparing to defend our country is one of the bravest, honorable, and selfless decisions that can be made. Understanding...