Basic Training Graduation

Basic Training Graduation is a very memorable time for both the soldier and the family of the soldier attending. Graduating Basic Training is no small feat, every year some cannot meet the standards, nor have what it takes to complete Army Basic Training. With that being said, you want to make it to your soldier’s graduation and see them in this honorable ceremony.

Below we have compiled all of the graduation dates that we have available. These graduation dates are confirmed and are current. If a graduation date or basic training location is not displayed below, then we do not have confirmed information as to when the graduation dates are. Instead of sending you on a wild goose chase, simply check back now and then to see if your graduation dates have been added, or ask us for directions on Facebook or twitter!

Basic Training Graduation Dates

Are these Army graduation dates definite?

Yes, and no. Let us explain: The basic training graduation dates that we have listed on this site are confirmed 100% to be actual graduation dates. However, there are situations (such as bad weather) that cause graduation ceremonies to be delayed to a later date or time. Before making any permanent plans to go to the graduation, please talk with your soldier to confirm that these dates are still correct.

Booking a Hotel when Visiting

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