ASVAB Subtests

The full-length ASVAB is made up of nine sections, called ASVAB subtests, depending on which version of the test you take. These subtests range from science, to reading, to mechanics! The purpose of all these varied ASVAB subtests is to better determine what Army Jobs (MOS) you are eligible for. Certain jobs have speicific restrictions based on your composite ASVAB scores.

Don’t let these ASVAB subtests worry you though! If you’re clumsy or clueless at mechanics, you can easily make up for it in science, reading, math, etc. The ASVAB was designed to find your strengths and weaknesses, and it will do just that. For the best score possible, I recommended picking up an ASVAB book. We have the most popular ASVAB books listed on our “ASVAB Study Guide”. Even if you’re a math genius, you should study study study! The ASVAB subtests sometimes word things a certain way to try and confuse you, and the best way to be prepared for this type of “trickery” is the study.

9 ASVAB Subtests

The order in which the subjects are administered never varies, and is as listed below.

ASVAB Subtest Questions Time Limit (mins)
General Science (GS) 25 11
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 30 36
World Knowledge (WK) 35 11
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 15 13
Auto and Shop Information (AS) 25 11
Mathematics Knowledge (MK) 25 24
Mechanical Comprehension (MC) 25 19
Electronics Information (EI) 20 9
Assembling Objects (AO) 16 9

ASVAB Subtest Time Limits

Again, the worst thing you can do with any test, school, or anything else, is worry or stress about it! The time limits given for each ASVAB subtest are tried and true based on countless studies. The time limits provide you with more than enough time to complete that specific subtest. You will not have any problems, so don’t even think about the time.

If you’re taking the ASVAB on a computer, rather than a written test, you can move forward at your own pace. You will still have a time limit, however you will not have to wait on the entire class to finish before you can move on.

So take a deep breath, and pass the ASVAB!