Army Ranks Insignia

Army Ranks are used to distinguish specific authorities and positions held in the Army. When coming into the Army through basic training, your rank will depend on what you have accomplished before enlisting into the Army. By default, you will enter the Army as an E-1 (Private). Sometimes, passing a PT test before basic training will allow you to enter basic training as an E-2 (Private 2) or E-3 (Private First Class), so ask your recruiter! Also, if you have enough college credits, you are eligible to enter Army basic training as an E-4 (Specialist). An E-4 Specialist is the highest Army rank that you may obtain when enlisting in the US Army as an enlisted soldier.

Officer and Warrant Officer Army Ranks are only awarded to people who complete an Army college. Besides that, when joining the Army, you will be an enlisted soldier E-1 to E-4.

Army Ranks

The Army Ranks below are sorted into three sections: Enlisted, Officer, and Warrant Officer. Select from the list below the Army ranks you want to view.


Note: It is strongly recommended that you learn the Army ranks before going to basic training!