About the US Army

The US Army is more than just what it’s known for in Basic Training: a “suck fest.” It’s not all about doing pushups, running, and sweating. Think of it as a career field. You will choose your job (MOS), you will be trained and proficient in your job, and you will go to work daily to perform. The US Army has a rank structure, just like any big-sized corporation does. In fact, the US Army is a lot more organized than most other same-size corporations. So, before enlisting in the US Army, you should learn more about the Army than just how challenging basic training will be.

Things to know about the Army

In addition to Basic Training information, we also provide you with other information about the Army. Information about the Army pay charts and the Army benefits are just to name a few. You do want to know what you’ll be getting paid, right? Of course you do! Like we said above, the US Army can be thought of as a corporation. Even better news about the Army is that they provide great benefits! The US Army provides its soldiers with life insurance, full dental, full medical, housing, meals, and more! And for you married folk, the Army will also provide the same care for your spouse (however, some spouse benefits need to be paid for, but it’s extremely cheap.. think $15 cheap!). In addition to the financial side of the Army, which to some people isn’t too important, we also have listed the Army ranks. Knowing the Army ranks structure will help you every day of your life in the Army, ranks are everywhere! Check out the links to your left to learn more about the Army and its benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Twitter or Facebook!