If you’ve ever been curious about the life of a cavalry scout in the US Army, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of the 19D cavalry scout, exploring their critical role, duties, and much more. Whether you’re considering a career as a cavalry scout, want to understand the intricacies of their work, or are simply interested in the military, this article is worth reading.

19d MOS Cavalry Scout

What is a Cavalry Scout?

Cavalry scouts, often referred to as 19D cavalry scouts, are highly skilled soldiers in the US Army who serve as the “eyes and ears” of the unit. Their primary duty is to gather critical information about the enemy and the battlefield, providing vital intelligence to commanders. This information is essential for planning and executing successful combat operations.
Cavalry scouts are an integral part of the Army’s reconnaissance efforts, and their work is crucial for ensuring the safety and success of missions. They are known for their bravery, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt to challenging situations. But becoming a cavalry scout is no easy feat; it requires rigorous training and a commitment to serving and protecting the nation.

Training to Become a 19D Cavalry Scout:

Before embarking on their journey as cavalry scouts, individuals must undergo extensive training. This training is designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their role. It typically consists of two main phases: Basic Combat Training (BCT) and One Station Unit Training (OSUT).
During BCT, soldiers receive fundamental military training, including physical fitness, weapon proficiency, and discipline. Once they complete BCT, they move on to OSUT, where they receive specialized training specific to their military occupational specialty (MOS), in this case, cavalry scout (19D).

The Role of Cavalry Scouts in Reconnaissance:

Reconnaissance is at the heart of a cavalry scout’s duties. They are responsible for gathering critical information about enemy positions, terrain, and potential threats. To accomplish this, cavalry scouts utilize a variety of equipment and vehicles, including armored vehicles like the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
Their mission during reconnaissance operations is to venture into potentially hostile territory, gather intelligence, and return safely with the gathered data. This information is invaluable for commanders as it allows them to make informed decisions about the next steps in combat operations.

Cavalry Scouts in Combat Operations:

While reconnaissance is a significant part of their role, cavalry scouts also play a crucial role in supporting combat operations. They serve as the eyes and ears of the unit, providing real-time information about the battlefield. This information enables commanders to make tactical decisions, adjust strategies, and ensure the safety of their troops.
Cavalry scouts often work closely with infantry units, providing vital support and intelligence that can make the difference between success and failure on the battlefield. Their ability to navigate challenging terrain, operate their vehicles, and communicate effectively is essential to the overall success of combat missions.

Life in the Cavalry Troop:

The daily life of a cavalry scout is both demanding and rewarding. They are known for their strong camaraderie and the bonds they form with their fellow soldiers. Maintaining and operating their vehicles is a crucial part of their duties, ensuring they are always ready for action.
Cavalry scouts also uphold important traditions and values that are passed down through generations. These traditions help create a sense of unity and purpose within the troop, fostering a strong sense of pride and commitment to their mission.

Becoming a Specialist in the Field:

As cavalry scouts gain experience, they have opportunities to advance in their careers and specialize in various aspects of their field. This can include certifications in reconnaissance, vehicle maintenance, and other critical skills. The more specialized a scout becomes, the more valuable they are to their unit and the Army as a whole.
Advancement in the field of cavalry scouting is not only about personal growth but also about contributing to the success of the mission and the safety of fellow soldiers.

The Path to Becoming a Cavalry Scout:

Becoming a cavalry scout starts with the enlistment process, where individuals express their interest in this unique military occupational specialty. Once enlisted, new soldiers are assigned to their units, where they begin their training journey. The process is rigorous, but it prepares individuals for the challenges and responsibilities of being a cavalry scout.
Physical and mental fitness are essential for aspiring cavalry scouts, as they must be prepared to perform their duties in various environments and under intense pressure. Discipline and dedication to the mission are also key qualities that recruiters look for in potential cavalry scout candidates.

Cavalry Scouts: The Eyes and Ears of the Army:

Cavalry scouts are often referred to as the “eyes and ears” of the Army because of their critical role in intelligence gathering. They enable commanders to make informed decisions by providing real-time information about enemy movements, terrain conditions, and potential threats.
In addition to reconnaissance, cavalry scouts assist in recovery operations and terrain assessment. Their expertise in assessing the landscape and understanding enemy positions is vital to the success of tactical operations.

Support and Communication:

Effective communication is essential for the success of any military operation, and cavalry scouts play a significant role in maintaining communication equipment. They ensure that vital information can be relayed between units, allowing for coordinated efforts and swift responses to changing situations on the battlefield.
Their ability to support communication efforts and provide essential information is a testament to their importance in the Army’s overall strategy.

Awards and Recognition:

Cavalry scouts can earn various awards and recognition for their outstanding service. These awards acknowledge their bravery, dedication, and contributions to the success of combat operations. Being recognized as an exceptional cavalry scout is a testament to one’s commitment to excellence in the field.
Cavalry scouts are an indispensable part of the Army, and their dedication to their mission directly impacts the safety and success of their fellow soldiers.


In conclusion, the role of a cavalry scout in the US Army is both challenging and vital. These soldiers serve as the eyes and ears of the Army, gathering critical intelligence and supporting combat operations. Their training, commitment, and dedication to their mission make them an integral part of the military.
As we’ve explored in this article, becoming a cavalry scout is not just a career choice; it’s a calling to serve and protect the nation. Their role in reconnaissance, combat operations, and communication is essential for the success of the Army’s missions. So, the next time you see a cavalry scout in action, remember the invaluable service they provide to our nation’s defense.