If you have enlisted in the Army, you may not be certain what you want to do with your future – and that’s okay! Joining the military will open up a variety of career opportunities for you – both now, and down the road. If you think that a college education or other professional training may be a part of your future plans, the Army has many educational benefits to make your goals more attainable, and you may be eligible for these benefits sooner than you might think.

GI Bill

Education through the GI Bill:

You have most likely heard of the GI Bill, enacted by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944. Thanks to many expansions to this bill by Congress over the years, the Montgomery GI Bill, Post-9/11 GI Bill and Selected Reserve GI Bill now exist, providing educational benefits to both current service members, veterans and reservists. Each of these additions to the original bill have slightly different benefits and requirements for eligibility.

  1. Montgomery GI Bill: This bill extends educational benefits to any current service member or veteran that has participated in at least two years of active duty service with the US Army or other branch of the military. Benefits include tuition coverage for colleges, technical school and other professional training programs such as flight school. These benefits can typically be tapped into for up to 10 years after your (honorable) active duty service.
  2. Post-9/11 GI Bill: Any service member whose service began following September 10, 2001 is eligible for the benefits outlined in this bill. These include up to 36 months of college tuition payment as well as a stipend for housing, books and other educational essentials (up to $1,000). The amount available to you is dependent on the length of your military service. 
  3. Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR): Providing educational benefits to Army Reserve service members, the MGIB-SR provides eligible soldiers with up to $365/month for 36 months as full-time students. To qualify for benefits under this bill soldiers must agree to an Army Reserve obligation of six years. Qualifying soldiers may also be eligible for the MGIB-SR’s “Kicker Program” which entitles Reserve members to increase the amount of educational funding that they are eligible for.

Beyond the GI Bill: Additional Educational Benefits for Service Members & Their Families:

As an active-duty or retired service member you are also eligible for further education-related benefits including financial aid and scholarships.  Some of these benefits include federal student loan cancellation, college loan repayment, The Concurrent Admission Program (CONAP) and Military Spouse Education & Career Opportunities program (SECO).

Want to learn more about the educational opportunities and benefits that you may be eligible for? Learn more on our website  or contact your recruiter today.

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