Army Physical Fitness

US Army Physical Fitness is the cornerstone of the Army. You will learn this very quickly in basic training. Army Physical fitness is a requirement for any soldier enlisted in the US Army. However, being physically fit before going into basic training is not a requirement! One of the goals of basic training drill sergeants is to get you in the best shape of your life. You WILL lose weight, you WILL get stronger, and you WILL get faster! The Army spends a lot of money on physical fitness research and equipment, and they implements this into every aspect of the Army, to include Basic Training and AIT.

How can I improve my Army physical fitness?

First, you’ll want to get a self-assessment of your current physical fitness condition. A quick and easy way to gauge yourself with the Army physical fitness standards would be to do the actual Army pt test. The link is on the left.

After taking the APFT Army PT Test, grade yourself by using our Army PT Test Standards Chart, or automatically with the PT Score Calculator we have listed.

Now, you have an idea of your Army physical fitness and know where you need to improve. Now, go to our “Improve Physical Fitness” page to learn how to get stronger in your weak areas

Download our new fitness guide, APFT Improvement 101, to learn how you can improve your physical fitness and APFT score.

Can I join the Army if I’m overweight?

Yes, no problem. The Army will take you in as their own and make you stronger and faster than you ever thought possible. You will overcome goals you never would’ve imagined without the Army’s help. Think about it, the Army Physical Fitness program is designed with YOU in mind, not the people that are already strong and fast! Talk to your local recruiter, or ask us your questions on Facebook or Twitter!