APFT Calculator

The APFT Calculator below uses the same chart as on our APFT Standards page, and allows you to easily see what your APFT score currently is.

Simply enter in your gender, age, total pushups, total situps, and your 2-mile run time, and your APFT score will be generated immediately.

Refer back to our APFT Standards page in order to see what you can do to improve your APFT score.

Want to improve your fitness levels?

The APFT Calculator is a great tool, but it can only show you where you are NOW. It cannot tell you how to get a higher score.

Getting a better APFT score takes hard work and dedication but anyone can improve on their APFT score.

Check out the guides and books we have listed on our Improve Fitness page. Get tips, and exercises and start improving your APFT score in no time!

APFT Caluclator