How to Improve Fitness

I’ve been there, we all have. We all want to know how to improve fitness levels in order to get better at Army PT (physical training). However, the main problem is we just don’t want to put in the work required to better ourselves and actually improve anything. This page on how to improve fitness levels is aimed at the people that are wanting to get better. If that’s you, then read on!

The US Army strives on Physical Fitness and, depending on what Army Job (MOS) you choose, Physical Fitness will be the backbone of your job in the Army! Whatever the case may be, below I’ve listed some Army PT manuals below, as well as some great training books that give you tips and exercises on how to improve fitness levels. The combination of tips below has helped me drop my 2 mile PT run time from 17:50 to 14:12 in 6 months!

PT Improvement Planning

Improving your APFT score requires a detailed plan. Get a copy of our PT Improvement Plan for a simple APFT plan that you can try!

Books on How to Improve Fitness

The Army APFT improvement guideAPFT Improvement Guide
This is the complete APFT improvement guide. It covers more than just how to improve fitness, it covers ways for you to mentally prepare for the APFT. My brother used this to bring his PT score up from a 190 to a 250! He is continually improving, but those are numbers you cannot look away from. This book really works, it’s well worth the money.