Skill Level 1 Performs preliminary food preparation procedures. Prepares and/or cooks menu items listed on the production schedule. Bakes, fries, braises, boils, simmers, steams and sautes as prescribed by Army recipes. Sets up serving lines, garnishes food items, and applies food protection and sanitation measures in field and garrison environments. Receives and stores subsistence items. Performs general housekeeping duties. Operates, maintains, and cleans field kitchen equipment. Erects, strikes, and stores all types of field kitchens. Performs preventive maintenance on garrison and field kitchen equipment.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties shown in previous skill level and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel in garrison and field kitchen operations. Ensures that proper procedures, temperatures, and time periods are adhered to during food preparation. Directs safety, security, and fire prevention procedures. Performs limited supervisory and inspection functions including shift supervision.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties shown in previous skill level when required and prepares more complex menu items. Supervises shift, unit, or consolidated food service operations in field or garrison environments. Establishes operating and work procedures, inspects dining, food preparation/storage areas, and dining facility personnel. Determines subsistence requirements. Requests, receives, and accounts for subsistence items. Applies food service accounting procedures. Prepares production schedule and makes necessary menu adjustments. Establishes, administers, and maintains OJT and apprenticeship training programs. Prepares technical, personnel, and administrative reports concerning food service operations. Implements emergency, disaster, and combat feeding plans. Coordinates logistical support.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties shown in previous skill level when required and assigns personnel to duty positions. Coordinates with food service officer, food advisor, and first cooks. Coordinates with TISA, facility engineers, and veterinary activity. Plans and implements menus to ensure nutritionally balanced meals. Ensures accuracy of accounting and equipment records. Develops and initiates Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) and safety, energy, security, and fire prevention programs. Evaluates contract food service operations. Ensures contractor compliance in food service contract operations.

Skill Level 5 Develops, coordinates, implements, advises, and evaluates food service programs. Monitors requests for food items and equipment. Develops and analyzes troop menus and coordinates menu substitutions. Evaluates operation of garrison and field kitchens, field bakeries, food service training facilities, and maintenance of equipment. Surveys individual preferences, food preparation, and food conservation. Prepares reports, studies, and briefings on food service operations. Provides assistance to food service officers and NCOs.