Skill Level 1 Uses Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) to test and isolate faulty assemblies and components for wire equipment and unit level switchboards. Identifies faults, replaces parts, rewires equipment, interconnects components, and adjusts all types of manual and semiautomatic telephone switchboard equipment. Uses circuit and wiring diagrams and schematics. Tests repaired equipment.

Skill Level 2 Performs complex maintenance tasks on malfunctioning equipment. Assists personnel engaged in installation and repair of wire equipment. Prepares and maintains technical and administrative shop records and bench stock. Interprets circuit diagrams and schematics and computes voltage, amperage, and resistance factors using algebraic formulas. Conducts technical or quality control inspections of repaired equipment.

Skill Level 3 Establishes work load, work schedules, repair priorities, and assigns specific duties to subordinate personnel. Provides technical information and instruction to subordinates and supported organizations. Supervises quality control inspections of manual and semiautomatic switchboards, telephones, and associated equipment. Advises and makes recommendations to superiors regarding maintenance status of in-shop equipment. Writes maintenance procedures required to support technical area of expertise.