If you’re thinking about joining the Army,  you probably already know that you will receive some of the best training in the world. But did you know that one of the most critical parts of that training is learning how to fight hand-to-hand? Here are 4 Reasons Why Hand-To-Hand Combat Is Important In Army Training.

Develop Critical Thinking and Adaptability

Developing critical thinking and adaptability skills in soldiers is essential in hand-to-hand combat training. In the chaos of combat, soldiers need to be able to quickly analyze their surroundings and make split-second decisions. They must learn to anticipate their opponent’s moves and react accordingly. Hand-to-hand combat training provides soldiers with the opportunity to develop these skills in a controlled environment, allowing them to adapt to different scenarios and improvise when necessary.

Furthermore, learning to remain calm and focused under stress is a critical skill that soldiers must master during hand-to-hand combat training. In combat situations, adrenaline is high, and emotions run wild. Soldiers must learn how to control their emotions and stay focused on their objectives. Hand-to-hand combat training teaches soldiers how to remain calm, stay focused, and make sound decisions even when faced with intense pressure.

In addition, hand-to-hand combat training also helps soldiers develop physical agility and coordination. These skills are crucial for close combat scenarios, where the slightest mistake can be costly. Soldiers must learn how to move quickly and efficiently, dodge incoming attacks, and strike back with precision. Through consistent training, soldiers can hone their agility and coordination skills, making them more effective in hand-to-hand combat situations.

Self-Defense and Protecting Fellow Soldiers

Protecting yourself and your buddies is a  must-have skill for any soldier, especially when the action gets up close and personal. Hand-to-hand combat training gives soldiers the necessary skills to stand their ground and defend themselves and their fellow soldiers from enemy attacks that come too close for comfort. It’s all about quick reactions, sizing up the situation quickly, and then taking the fight to the enemy.

Hand-to-hand combat training is also great for developing lightning-fast reflexes and muscle memory. This helps soldiers to react instantly to unexpected situations, read body language, and stay alert for incoming attacks. Not only that, but it also teaches soldiers how to use their environment to their advantage and outsmart their opponents.

In a combat situation, teamwork and looking out for each other is everything. That’s why hand-to-hand combat training is so crucial – it gives soldiers the skills to work together seamlessly and neutralize threats as a team. From communicating effectively with their teammates to coordinating their actions, soldiers learn to protect each other and achieve their objectives.

Build Confidence

When soldiers train in hand-to-hand combat, they’re not just learning how to punch and kick – they’re also building up their mental toughness and self-esteem. Confidence is like a superpower on the battlefield, and with proper training, soldiers can harness it to overcome even the most stressful situations.

By boosting their confidence, hand-to-hand combat training can have a ripple effect on a soldier’s entire life. They feel more in control, more empowered, and better equipped to handle whatever comes their way. This newfound sense of self-belief can even help to reduce stress and anxiety, both on and off the battlefield.

But the benefits don’t stop there – confident soldiers also make great leaders. By setting an example and showing their teammates that anything is possible with hard work and dedication, they can inspire their entire team to be more self-assured and capable. Together, they create a positive and empowering atmosphere that can make all the difference in a combat situation.

Teach Discipline and Respect

Hand-to-hand combat training is like a mental boot camp that turns soldiers into disciplined and respectful fighting machines! It’s not just about being tough and pushing yourself to the limit, but also about showing respect to everyone around you. In training, soldiers learn to give respect to their teammates, superiors, and even their opponents! By earning respect, soldiers can work together as a tight-knit team and build trust among each other.

Discipline is all about being focused, dedicated, and persistent, even when things get tough. Soldiers learn how to stay disciplined, even when they’re feeling like a bag of bricks or under the most extreme stress. They develop the ability to keep their eye on the prize and push through any obstacle that comes their way.

Respect is the glue that holds soldiers together and makes them stronger. By showing respect to others, soldiers build trust and earn the respect of their teammates and superiors. This creates a vibe of unity and purpose among soldiers, making them more effective in any combat situation.


In conclusion, hand-to-hand combat training is a critical component of Army training. It provides soldiers with the necessary skills to defend themselves and their fellow soldiers in close-quarter combat situations, builds their confidence, and teaches them discipline and respect. 

Hand-to-hand combat training goes beyond just physical preparation; it also enhances soldiers’ mental fortitude and overall well-being. Soldiers who receive hand-to-hand combat training are better equipped to handle high-stress situations, work effectively as a team, and succeed both on and off the battlefield. It is evident that the importance of hand-to-hand combat training cannot be underestimated in the Army, and it remains a crucial part of military training.