Corps of Engineers

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MOSJob TitleMOS Description
21CBridge Crewmember

Command, serve, or assist as a member of a squad, section, or platoon. They provide conventional and powered bridge and rafting support for wet and dry gap crossing operations.

21WCarpentry and Masonry Specialist

Performs general heavy carpentry, structural steel, and masonry duties, to include fabrication, erection, maintenance, and repair of rigging devices, trusses, and other structural assemblies.

21BCombat Engineer

Supervise, serve, or assist as a member of a team, squad, section, or platoon; provide combat engineering support to combat forces; and operate Combat Engineer Vehicles (CEV), Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges (AVLB), and Armored Combat Earthmover (ACE).

21ZCombat Engineering Senior Sergeant

Inspects and advises on bridging, rafting, and river crossing operations. Formulates and maintains construction schedules.

21VConcrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator

Supervises or operates all equipment used in concrete and asphalt production and paving.

21HConstruction Engineering Supervisor

Supervises construction, repair, and utility services of buildings, warehouses, fixed bridges, port facilities, and petroleum pipelines, tanks, and related equipment.

21NConstruction Equipment Supervisor

Supervises construction equipment, quarry, paving, and plant equipment operations and crew maintenance of equipment.

21FCrane Operator

Operates crawler and truckmounted cranes and crane shovels.


Supervises or performs underwater reconnaissance, demolition, repair, and salvage.

12OEngineer Officer

An Officer in the Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for providing support in full spectrum of engineer duties. Engineer Officers help the Army in building structures, developing civil works program, working with natural resources as well as providing combat support on the battlefield.


Supervises or performs firefighting, rescue, salvage and fire protection operations.

21JGeneral Construction Equipment Operator

Operates air compressors and special purpose construction machines engaged in compaction, ditching, pumping, and auguring.

21XGeneral Engineering Supervisor

Supervises general engineering activities related to all construction and utility operations.

21EHeavy Construction Equipment Operator

Operates crawler and wheeled tractors with dozer attachments, scoop loader, motorized grader, and towed or self-propelled scraper.

21RInterior Electrician

Supervises or performs installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems and equipment.


Operates and performs operator maintenance on offset duplicators/presses, copy cameras, plate making, and various types of bindery and film processing equipment. Supervises and performs all printing and binding, camera operations, layout, and plate making activities.


Installs and repairs pipe systems and fixtures, and petroleum pipeline systems.

21PPrime Power Production Specialist

Supervises, operates, installs, and maintains electric power plant and associated auxiliary systems and equipment.

21GQuarrying Specialist

Supervises or operates electric, pneumatic, and internal combustion powered machines used in drilling, crushing, grading, and cleaning gravel and rock, or detonates explosives to blast rock in quarries and at construction sites.

21TTechnical Engineering Specialist

Supervises or participates in construction site development to include technical investigation, surveying, drafting, development of construction plans and specifications, and performing quality control inspections.

21UTopographic Analyst

Supervises and/or performs cartographic and terrain analysis duties; collects and processes military geographic information from remote sensed imagery, digital data, intelligence data, existing topographic products, and other collateral data sources; edits cartographic and terrain analysis products; advises command and staff officers on topographic operations and special map product planning.

21YTopographic Engineering Supervisor

Supervises topographic surveying, cartography and photolithography activities.

21STopographic Surveyor

Supervises or conducts surveys to provide control data for map making and/or artillery support and supervises or performs topographic or geodetic computations.

21QTransmission and Distribution Specialist

Supervises or installs and maintains electrical distribution systems; performs duties as a member of a transmission and distribution team.