Skill Level 1 Records topographic survey data, operates survey instruments, and performs topographic computations. Constructs and erects survey towers/stands. Transports, sets up, operates, and maintains equipment according to written, oral or visual instructions from supervisors. Prepares abstracts of field data for final computations. Assists in the emplacement/recovery of control stations and prepares station descriptions cards. Computes abstracted survey data for final tabulation of survey project.

Skill Level 2 Transports, sets up, operates, and maintains equipment according to written, oral, or visual instructions from supervisors. Makes field checks to ensure field measurements meet project specifications/classifications. Performs observations, compares, and standardizes/calibrates survey equipment. Computes and adjusts first, second, and third order horizontal/vertical control surveys. Computes elevations of tidal benchmarks and baselines. Performs preliminary/field computation to verify field observations for control surveys and computes preliminary values of horizontal and vertical control points. Determines and writes equations used in least square adjustments. Transforms, in the same system, coordinates and azimuths from one zone to adjacent zones. Operates and writes programs for programmable electronic calculators. Directs and controls personnel when acting as a survey party chief.

Skill Level 3 Supervises and directs survey instrument repairer and topographic surveyor activities. Recommends method of computation, adjustment, and need for additional data. Computes geographic positions, elevations, astronomic, and laplace azimuths and latitude and longitude from astronomical observations. Evaluates and verifies results of all computations. Directs the transportation of, set up, operation, and maintenance of equipment according to written, oral, or visual instructions. Performs survey reconnaissance to include picture point selection, main, and secondary survey station placement and evaluates field data and the results obtained. Analyzes traverse, triangulation, leveling, satellite, and trilateration data to isolate computational or field blunders.

Skill Level 4 Supervises reconnaissance studies and reconnoiters survey sites to determine special requirements of obstacles encountered. Plans and arranges for food service, housing, sanitation, transportation, and other facilities for topographic survey activities in remote areas. Plans and organizes work activities. Coordinates surveying and computing activities. Supervises field survey activities in support of task and mission requirements. Determines composition and operational procedures of topographic survey parties. Collects available charts, maps, control lists, aerial photographs, and other topographic data.