Skill Level 1 Drives the M270 Self Propelled Loader Launcher (SPLL) and the ammunition resupply vehicle and trailer. Performs operator/crew maintenance on the SPLL and ammunition resupply vehicle and trailer. Performs ammunition reload operations on the launcher and resupply vehicle. Tests, removes, and replaces fire control system components as needed on the M270 launcher and the launch pod/container trainer. Mounts radio sets in vehicles, cables communication components in M270 launcher, and operates and performs operator maintenance on communications equipment.

Skill Level 2 Assists section chief in supervision of operations, maintenance, and training. Leads and instructs the reconnaissance team in combat operations. Assists the ammunition section chief in supervision of the section during ammunition resupply operations, maintenance, and training. Performs start-up of fire control system and operates MLRS fire control system in all modes of operation. Makes manual fire control entries and enters meteorological data into the fire control system. Fires weapon on command. Performs fire control system diagnostic test using built-in test equipment. Prepares launcher-loader module for reload and performs maintenance operations. Conducts reconnaissance to determine routes and precise firing location sites.

Skill Level 3 Leads and trains firing section or ammunition section. Supervises crewmembers during fire mission processing and ammunition reload operations. Supervises the performance of operator, crew, and organizational maintenance on section vehicles. Plans movement routes to and from firing areas and selects sites for launcher emplacement. Checks site to crest mask at firing positions. Coordinates requirements for organizational maintenance. Enforces OPSEC procedures and adherence to safety procedures involving launcher firing.

Skill Level 4 Assists platoon leader in the planning, preparation, and execution of collective training activities of the platoon. Conducts reconnaissance of platoon positions, reload points, and platoon area survey points. Supervises operator and organizational maintenance of equipment, vehicles, weapons, and communication and speech secure equipment. Leads in the operation of the PLDMD. Supervises the emplacement and march order of platoon elements. Supervises and directs convoy movement of ammunition resupply vehicles. Responsible for the receipt, accountability, distribution, and storage of ammunition. Develops and maintains external and internal SOPs. Organizes platoon defense. Presents briefings on current platoon operations and situation. Supervises platoon headquarters personnel including assignment of duties. Assumes duties of platoon leader in his absence. Maintains and processes operations and intelligence information to include situation maps. Plans and selects reload points, launch areas, and ammunition cache sites. Monitors platoon fire missions, launcher status, and logistic requirements. Coordinates positioning of platoon elements with maneuver and support elements. Conducts reconnaissance and selects routes between the Ammunition Transfer Point and Ammunition Supply Point. Coordinates with ammunition officer for location of transfer points, amount, and mix of ammunition. Supervises the preparation and distribution of maps, operational information, and status reports.