Skill Level 1 Records field data, prepares schematic sketches, and marks survey stations. Performs astronomic observation, measure azimuths, and angles and determines deviations for target, connection, and position area surveys with angular measuring equipment. Assist PADS operator with the transfer, strap down, and preparation for operations of PADS. Computes data using logarithms or calculator to obtain the unknown required field data to include computing for accuracy ratios and adjustment. Operates and performs PMCS on vehicles, radios, weapons, and all survey equipment.

Skill Level 2 Supervises and coordinates PADS vehicle operations. Computes survey data, plots geographic/UTM grid coordinates and performs azimuth transfer with PADS. Operates PADS system, performs calibrations, zero velocity updates, and PMCS on PADS system. Assists collection, evaluation, and dissemination of survey information. Provides leadership and technical guidance to lower grade personnel.

Skill Level 3 Selects and determines survey starting data and reviews data for errors. Supervises the proper maintenance on all assigned section equipment, prepares technical, personnel, and administrative reports covering training objectives and survey operations. Orients, instructs, and leads surveyors in survey procedures and techniques to include PADS operations. Provides leadership and technical guidance to lower grade personnel.

Skill Level 4 Determines methods of survey in order to obtain required accuracy, participates, prepares, organizes, and schedules the survey parties. Serves as the principal assistant to the survey officer and performs his duties in his absence. Provides leadership, expertise, and inspects section equipment and vehicles to ensure the proper application of PMCS. Develops training plan to accomplish training objective. Directs collection, evaluation, and dissemination of field artillery survey information. Coordinates survey operations with other units and maintains survey maps/overlays.