Skill Level 1 Operates meteorological equipment in meteorological station. Prepares for operation and operates electrical generators. Assembles, tests, and adjusts radiosonde transmitter. Obtains ballistic temperature and densities. Prepares meteorological balloons for launching and performs operator maintenance of meteorological equipment, vehicles, and communications equipment.

Skill Level 2 Operates meteorological equipment, plots meteorological data manually, and operates computer in meteorological station. Supervises the repair and maintenance of meteorological equipment, vehicles, communication, electronic, and other organic section equipment. Performs power emergency shut down procedures on MDS and final checks of radiosonde transmitter and receiving equipment. Terminates meteorological flight operations, performs duties shown in preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel.

Skill Level 3 Supervises the operation of meteorological observation station and serves as a team leader during periods of extended operations. Checks and verifies all conversion data, met messages, plots, charts, and records. Selects NAVAID chain/stations and supervises march order/emplacement of section equipment. Performs duties shown in preceding level of skill.

Skill Level 4 Leads the meteorological section/station in combat operations. Supervises operation and maintenance of all section and meteorological equipment. Selects operating sites and keeps personnel informed on the tactical situation to include the operational plans. Reviews, consolidates, and prepares technical, personnel, and administrative reports covering meteorological section/station activities.