Leads soldiers performing duties in field artillery MOS. Leads and supervises the operation of the unit command post in accordance with directives. Leads, supervises, and participates in coordination and implementation of cannon, missile, rocket, or target acquisition operations, training programs, administrative matters, and communication activities, providing tactical and technical guidance to subordinates, and professional support to lower and higher grade soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. Monitors, inspects, and evaluates FA training programs.

Leads and supervises the preparation and distribution of maps, operational information, operational reports, training materials. Supervises the maintenance of staff journals, files, records, and training materials. Serves as the principal NCO of FA battalion, brigade, division artillery, or Corps artillery operations activity and supervises the processing operations and intelligence information. Prepares operational SOP.

Supervises and maintains classified files, records, processing of individual security clearances. Leads, supervises, and participates in identifying and indicating location, strength, tactical deployment, and emplacement of enemy units.