Skill Level 1 Operates and performs preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on the Bradley linebacker. Operates communications equipment. Visually identifies threat and friendly aircraft and armored vehicles. Operates turret. Operates Bradley linebacker weapon systems. Performs loading, unloading, PMCS, and corrective actions on the Bradley linebacker weapon systems. Performs PMCS on communications equipment, NBC system, and turret.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties in preceding skill level. Performs gunner duties during target engagements. Assists squad leader in crew training. Supervises and assists crewmembers with PMCS and loading and unloading all weapon systems. Prepares range card. Collects and consolidates intelligence information.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties in preceding skill levels. Commands the Bradley linebacker. Selects targets. Determines weapon employment. Issues fire commands for all weapons. Selects routes of movement and vehicle positions. Selects MANPADS firing positions. Trains complete crew. Coordinates and supervises PMCS. Process special and periodic reports.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties in preceding skill levels. Plans, organizes, directs, supervises, trains, coordinates, and reports activities of Bradley linebacker squads and sections. Conducts platoon reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position (RSOP) and plans tactical deployment. Coordinates logistical support. Supervises platoon maintenance activities. Prepares operation plans and standing operating procedures (SOP). Assists platoon leader in design of ADA defenses.