Skill Level 1 Operates fixed and tactical ATC towers, radars, and flight following facilities. Assists in the installation and relocation of tactical ATC facilities. Operates tactical navigation aids (NAVAIDs). Applies air traffic control rules, procedures, and regulations. Processes flight plan data. Formulates and issues ATC clearances, advisories, and control information. Maintains logs, records, files, and tape recordings of voice communications. Interprets and relays notice to airmen (NOTAM) information. Reads and interprets DOD Flight Information Publications (FLIPS) and aeronautical charts. Analyzes air traffic to identify and resolve potential conflicts. Controls airborne and ground traffic on and in the vicinity of the airport. Updates Automated Terminal Information Systems (ATIS) and performs radar scope alignment. Coordinates terminal/enroute control. Provides non-radar approach control, ground-controlled approach, enroute flight flowing, and tower services.

Skill Level 2 Conducts ATC facility and OJT training. Briefs shift personnel on runway utilization, airfield conditions, and weather/ground activities. Prepares and updates flight following maps. Supervises the operation of flight following facilities. Supervises a shift in a tactical ATC Tower, radar, or flight following facility.

Skill Level 3 Serves as Facility Chief at low density towers, radar, or flight following facilities. Administers ATC facility. Formulates and coordinates letters of agreement, operations letters, and facility memorandums. Prepares duty rosters and assigns duties to personnel. Ensures facility flight check requirements are met for navigational aids, radar, and radio communications equipment. Plans and organizes ATC activities for tower, radar, and flight following activities and verifies facility compliance with Army and FAA standards. Evaluates ATC operations and work performance. Reviews and prepares reports. Assists in the preparation of Standard Instrument Approach/Enroute/Departure Procedures (TERPS). Coordinates ATC activities with other facilities.

Skill Level 4 Serves as facility chief. Plans, organizes, and supervises ATC facilities. Establishes and supervises the facility training and rating program. Advises in the preparation of TERPS. Ensures proper utilization, and coordination of maintenance support. Prepares and interprets orders and reports. As ATC Platoon Sergeant, coordinates the logistical, personnel, and administrative support for all platoon elements.