Skill Level 3 Trains and maintains proficiency in all major duties. Organizes, trains, advises and supervises indigenous and allied personnel in the installation, utilization and operation of radio equipment, radio nets, standard and expedient antenna systems and wire communications. Proficient in and the instruction of the installation, operation and employment FM, AM, VHF, UHF, and SHF radio communication systems to transmit and receive radio messages in voice, continuous wave (CW), and burst code radio nets.

Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of detachment tactical and operational communications and communication equipment. Plans, prepares and assists in the communications targets portion of the area study, prepares and assists in briefings, brief backs, and debriefings. Supervises the communication functions when in split detachment configuration for special operations or missions. Conducts C-E duties when task-organized in preparation (isolation) for missions and during operations, and advises the detachment commander on all communications matters.

Skill Level 4 Preforms all duties of preceding skill level. Advises and provides tactical and technical guidance to the detachment commander, indigenous, and allied personnel. Responsible for the planning, execution, and supervision of cross training of detachment members in special forces communications skills.

Prepares the communications electronics portion of operations orders, area studies and area assessments. When directed, conducts operational and intelligence in the planning, preparation and execution of detachment missions. Serves at SF battalion or higher level as frequency manager.