Skill Level 1 Operates bridge truck and light vehicles. Operates the bridge erection boat. Prepares bridge site, handles shore lines, and assists in rafting operations. Assists in the installation of overhead anchorage system components. Installs kedge anchorage systems. Launches or retrieves ribbon bridge bays. Assists in the assembly of military bridges. Prepares and installs demolition firing systems. Arms, installs, and disarms antipersonnel or antitank mines.

Skill Level 2 Directs construction of fighting positions and wire entanglements. Employs the M180 demolition cratering charge. Determines limiting slopes, curves, stream velocities, and gap width. Conducts engineer reconnaissance. Directs crew in the assembly and maintenance of fixed bridges. Directs crew in the assembly of raft and float bridges. Operates and or supervises the use of bridge erection boats.

Skill Level 3 Supervises personnel in the installation and removal of a hasty protective minefield. Collects data and calculates the demolition requirement for explosives and related materials. Conducts road, tunnel, ford, and bridge reconnaissance. Directs the off-loading and assembly of float and fixed bridges. Performs float and fixed bridge site layout. Supervises installation of an overhead cable anchorage system.

Skill Level 4 Assigns tasks to subordinate personnel. Enforces safety standards, field sanitation, communication procedures, and security and job specification. Plans and supervises personnel in the construction of float and fixed bridges. Supervises in mine warfare, demolitions, and combat construction operations. Conducts platoon reconnaissance missions.