Skill Level 1 Installs, operates, and performs unit level maintenance in telecommunications centers. Operates automated message switches and strategic telecommunications centers using system command consoles, computer terminals, processors, magnetic tape units, disk packs, tape readers, visual display units, facsimile, and associated COMSEC devices. Processes message traffic. Installs, operates, performs strapping, re-strapping, PMCS and unit level maintenance on COMSEC devices. Performs Battlefield Information Services (BIS), consisting of printing services, publications management, files and forms management, reproduction services, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)/Privacy Act (PA), Unit Distribution/Official Mail, correspondence management, classified document control, and messenger service within the ISSO. Operates and performs Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) on assigned communications equipment, vehicles,and generators.

Skill Level 2 Supervises, installs, operates, and performs unit level maintenance on tactical telecommunications centers, automated message switches, and strategic telecommunications facilities. Requisitions, receives, stores, issues, and accounts for COMSEC equipment and associated keying material. Interprets publications, policies, and procedures as applicable to tactical and strategic telecommunications and message switching center operations. Performs off-line message recovery and tracer actions. Corrects message and circuit continuity discrepancies. Coordinate with system operators and controllers to resolve system and circuit difficulties. Supervises the operation of computer terminal devices, maintains files and records, composes and edits correspondence and documents; generates reports for the ISSO. Sets up and maintains logs, rosters, status boards, charts, graphs, view graphs, and performs messenger supervisory duties required by information service support. Prepares reports, records, and analysis pertaining to telecommunications operations. Requests operating supplies and spare parts.

Skill Level 3 Supervises the installation, operation, and unit level maintenance of tactical and strategic telecommunications centers and automated message switches. Develops and administers on-site training programs. Directs and supervises restoration of systems and circuits. Requests logistical support and coordinates system integration. Ensures that spare parts, supplies, and operating essentials are requisitioned and maintained. Supervises and performs maintenance management and administrative duties related to facility operations, maintenance, security, and personnel. Performs COMSEC Custodian functions. Prepares emergency evacuation and destruction plans. Requisitions, receives, stores, issues, destroys, and accounts for COMSEC equipment and keying material, including over the air keying operations. Supervises ISSO functions. Provides verbal and written guidance and direction for the installation, operation, and maintenance of specified battlefield information services. Provides technical assistance and resolves problems for information services support personnel, functional users, and functional staff. Composes correspondence, sets up and maintains logs, rosters, status boards, charts, graphs, and view graphs required for information service support. Supervises subordinate personnel performing information service support duties.

Skill Level 4 Supervises and manages personnel performing operations and maintenance of tactical and strategic telecommunications centers and automated message switches. Develops and enforces policy and procedures for facility management. Develops, directs, and supervises training and security programs to ensure soldier proficiency and career development. Organizes work schedules and ensures compliance with directives and policies on operations security (OPSEC), signal security (SIGSEC), communications security (COMSEC), and physical security. Writes unit or facility standing operating procedures (SOP). Arranges higher level or contractor support maintenance for assigned equipment. Prepares or supervises the preparation of technical studies, evaluations, reports, correspondence, and records pertaining to system Signal operations. Performs the duties of COMSEC material custodian in accordance with appropriate regulations and orders. Supervises the operation of the ISSO. Recommends policies, procedures, standards, and conventions. Establishes and operates the printing and duplication control program. Supervises and implements classified document control policies, procedures, standards, and inspections. Coordinates and provides guidance on printing and publication account procedures, processes, and regulatory requirements. Briefs staff and operations personnel on telecommunications matters.