Skill Level 2 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Conducts sabotage, espionage, treason, and sedition investigations. Conducts liaison with foreign agencies. Plans and conducts CI investigations. Applies fundamentals of military and civil law. Detects, neutralizes, and exploits CI targets. Participates in counterintelligence force protection source operations (CFSO). Conducts overt collection, surveillance, and non-technical operations. Assists in counterespionage investigations and operations. Provides counter human intelligence (C-HUMINT) support for multidiscipline counterintelligence (MDCI) products. Prepares CI reports and estimates.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Plans and conducts CI operations, to include: analyzing, selecting, exploiting, and neutralizing CI targets. Plans and directs CI services and support. Plans and directs counterespionage operations and investigations. Manages intelligence contingency funds. Plans and conducts CFSO operations. Supports offensive and defensive CI operations and collection operations.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Supervises and directs preparation of CI services and reports. Supervises CFSO. Performs operation and case control reviews. Supervises and directs investigations and special operations. Plans and supervises CI operations. Reviews CI related reports and plans.

Skill Level 5 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Plans, coordinates, and supervises intelligence operations and training.