Skill Level 1 Troubleshoots and performs unit maintenance on internal combustion engines and accessories, powertrains, and chassis components of track vehicles. Performs repairs and preventive maintenance checks and service. Tests lead acid batteries for serviceability. Prepares vehicles for operation under abnormal conditions by sealing, waterproofing, and servicing with special fuel and lubricants. Performs unit maintenance to correct malfunctions of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems or components. Performs preventive maintenance on tools, repair parts, assigned vehicles, and shop equipment adjusts operating mechanisms. Tunes engines and replaces repair parts and components as outlined in the appropriate maintenance allocation charts. Tests and operates vehicles and equipment as required and observes for evidence of abnormal operation. Operates, or assists in the operation of, track vehicles in conjunction with maintenance and recovery operation. Interprets schematic diagrams. Determines extent of corrective action and repair parts procedures required. Uses hand tools and carries toolbox. Uses power tools and equipment. Obtains replacement parts from maintenance parts supply section. Performs or assists in vehicle recovery and evacuation operations of track vehicles. Maneuvers wrecker to desired position. Uses recovery rigging techniques to attach and secure hoists, cables, and slings using authorized equipment, and effects recovery operations. Performs basic oxyacetylene cutting. Performs operator maintenance on recovery vehicles. Uses proper tactical radio procedures.

Skill Level 2 Diagnoses and troubleshoots malfunctions in the automotive systems and components at the unit maintenance level. Troubleshoots to component level. Isolates and identifies causes of malfunctions. Operates vehicles for diagnosis and inspection purposes. Interprets complex schematic diagrams. Aligns and adjusts assemblies and components or supervises lower grades in performing these functions to ensure that equipment is functioning within prescribed limits and tolerances. Supervises removal and installation of power plants and conducts OJT. Completes applicable maintenance forms and records.