Skill Level 1 Patient care; receives and seats patients. Prepares dental operatory, selects and arranges instruments, measures and records temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, and assists dentist during patient exams. Assists with administration of anesthesia and in placement and removal of sutures. Prepares restorative and impression materials. Performs Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and operates resuscitative equipment. Disposes of contaminated waste. Dental radiography. Loads and unloads radiographic film cassettes, protects self and patient from excessive ionizing radiation exposure, exposes bitewing periapical, occlusal film, panoramic radiographic darkroom procedures. Administration, supply, and maintenance. Schedules appointments, retrieves, files, and maintains dental records. Receives, stores, packs, unpacks, and safeguards dental supplies and equipment. Performs preventive maintenance on dental equipment. Sets up, maintains, disassembles, and packs dental field equipment shelters.

Skill Level 2 Assists dental officer in prevention, examination, and treatment of diseases of teeth and oral region. Assists and advises subordinate personnel on supply economy procedures. Supervises the packing, unpacking, loading, setting up, and storage of dental unit field equipment and shelters. Assists in presentation of training programs. Prepares the site for field dental treatment facilities. Assists with technical and administrative management of dental treatment facilities under the supervision of a dental NCO.

Skill Level 3 Supervises activities of dental teams, sections, or clinics in small fixed or mobile dental facilities. Provides technical guidance. Ensures comfort, safety, and cleanliness of dental facilities. Determines personnel requirements, establishes work priorities, organizes work schedules, and assigns duties. Instructs subordinates in work techniques and procedures. Evaluates personnel performance, counsels personnel, and prepares evaluation reports. Supervises movements and establishment of field dental units. Prepares unit NBC plans and supervises procedures. Prepares administrative, technical, patient, and manpower reports. Establishes and monitors stock level for supplies and equipment. Requisitions and maintains dental supplies and equipment.

Skill Level 4 Supervises activities of dental sections, clinics, medium sized fixed, or mobile dental facilities. Prepares periodic and special reports concerning personnel, patients, dental care, and treatment operations. Supervises and plans training in general military and MOS specific subjects. Coordinates the administrative activities and prepares and dental treatment facility SOP. Revises topography of selected operational site and advises on the location of field treatment and sanitation facilities. Plans, develops, and supervises loading plans for dental field organizations. Performs staff, budget, and advisory duties.

Skill Level 5 Serves as principal NCO of staff section, large dental clinic, dental laboratory, or dental organization. Supervises general administrative functions and coordinates personnel assignments. Evaluates training programs and requirements. Assists Commander in the administrative and technical supervision of subordinate dental facilities. Assists in the planning, development, and management of the command budget programs. Coordinates and supervises unit preventive maintenance and supply programs. Assists in the development of operational plans. Provides technical assistance in planning and staffing of facilities.