Skill Level 1 Surfaces lens blanks, fabricates, repairs, and assembles prescription spectacles. Maintains tools and equipment.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties shown in the preceding skill level and provides technical guidance to subordinates. Performs prescription-related administration.

Skill Level 3 Provides technical guidance, inspects completed spectacles, and insures quality control standards. Develops stock levels, requisitions, stores, and maintains optical supplies and equipment. Prepares and conducts training programs and instructs on preventive maintenance and safety procedures.

Skill Level 4 Determines personnel requirements, establishes priorities, and organizes work schedules. Plans layout of work areas. Prepares and conducts training programs. Inspects to ensure a safe, clean, and orderly working environment. Supervises quality control procedures. Drafts and prepares budget estimates and monitors records of cost data and expenditures. Performs staff, budget and advisory duties. Prepares other technical, administrative,and personnel reports. Coordinates activities of optical laboratory with medical treatment facilities.