Skill Level 1 Provides routine daily care for animals in veterinary treatment or research and development facilities. Obtains medical history from owners and/or handlers and measures and records animal vital signs. Performs physical examinations to detect obvious abnormalities and reports findings to veterinarian. Positions and restrains animals for examination and treatment. Calculates doses and administers oral and topical medications as directed by the veterinarian. Maintains sanitary conditions for all components of the veterinary treatment facilities to include operating room and equipment. Assists veterinarian in surgical procedures and performs euthanasia when instructed by veterinarian. Cleans, debrides, and sutures superficial wounds. Collects, preserves, and prepares blood, urine, feces, skin scrapings, and postmortem specimens for shipment and evaluation. Performs routine diagnostic laboratory tests such as fecal smears, urinalysis, blood counts, and chemistries. Records laboratory test results. Takes and develops radiographs of designated animal body parts. Initiates and maintains animal health records, immunization records, animal registration files, animal bite case reports, and other administrative office files.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties shown at preceding skill level. Provides technical guidance, management, and training to junior personnel. Performs advanced emergency medical procedures on animals such as triage, tracheotomy, burn and poison management, venous cutdown, and insertion of stomach tubes. Operates mechanical respirators, heart monitors, and gas sterilizer apparatus. Supervises supply management and patient administration procedures. Prepares budgets, trains handlers in emergency care of animals, and assists on research protocol teams.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties of and supervises the functions of preceding skill levels. Develops and establishes standard operating procedures for operations of veterinary treatment facilities. Assists in scheduling, conducting, and evaluating training of veterinary service enlisted personnel. Reviews, consolidates, and prepares technical reports. Performs as a liaison for the veterinary officer to interact with installation medical authorities, installation commanders, and civilian agencies.

Skill Level 4 Schedules, monitors, and evaluates the unit training program and maintains unit/individual training records. Assists the commander in preparing, monitoring, and evaluating the unit operations plan. Compiles and evaluates management and personnel data. Reviews operations of veterinary service to ensure compliance with laws and regulations regarding humane care and treatment of animals. Monitors laboratory animal procurement procedures and serves on laboratory animal protocol boards. Provides technical assistance in planning, staffing, and modifying existing animal facilities.