Skill Level 3 Recruits, interviews, counsels, and qualifies applicants for enlistment. Distributes and displays recruiting publicity material. Identifies and cultivates community centers of influence. Explains benefits. Prepares enlistment forms and documents. Arranges for transportation, meals, and lodging for applicants where required. Assists in market research and analysis and makes appropriate recommendations to the chain of command.

Skill Level 4 Utilizes and analyzes management data to evaluate subordinates’ performance. Conducts professional development programs. Accomplishes administration, prepares plans, and SOPs. Maintains statistics on recruiting programs. Maintains enlistment publications and administrative files. Prepares enlistment reports.

Skill Level 5 Plans, organizes, and coordinates recruiting activities. Develops and directs training programs to assist subordinates. Plans and conducts seminars and conferences. Assigns duties and evaluates performance of subordinate recruiting personnel. Conducts inspections to ensure proper and efficient operation and management. The USAR recruiter also performs duties shown in preceding level of skill.