Skill Level 3 Provide career counseling to soldiers. Conducts retention and reenlistment interviews. Determines soldier’s eligibility to immediately reenlist or extend; reviews reenlistment and extension documents for accuracy; coordinates retention ceremonies. Advises commanders on criteria for selection of unit level retention NCOs. Advises soldiers on declination of continued service statements. Conducts inspections of and trains unit level retention NCOs. Briefs leaders on matters relating to retention activities. Maintains liaison with local personnel and finance offices. Advises the commander at Battalion or comparable sized units on all areas of the retention program. USAR career counselors assist in operation of Family Assistance Centers upon unit mobilization.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties of previous skill level at a separate Battalion or comparable sized units and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel as required.

Skill Level 5 Advises commanders on all areas of the retention program. Reviews retention actions for accuracy. Interprets regulations and provides guidance for subordinates. Assists in the development and direction of command retention programs. Conducts conferences and seminars for retention agendas. Assists leaders and strength management personnel in implementation and operation of the strength management program. Conducts staff assistance visits. Plans and conducts retention training; evaluates subordinates’ training presentations and interviews, provide feedback. Manages objectives, statistics and awards program. Explains unit performance data to leaders and superiors. Evaluates subordinate’s conduct of a retention interview. Determines soldiers’ eligibility for retention duty. Plans and conducts retention training. The USAR career counselor plans and establishes family assistance centers upon unit mobilization.