Skill Level 1 Docks and undocks the vessels. Drops and weighs the vessel anchor. Stands lookout and helm watches. Identifies and interprets single-letter international code signal flags. Sends and receives messages with radios, beacons, and signal flags. Operates and maintains lifeboats and vessel firefighting equipment. Knowledgeable in all aspects of marlinespike seamanship. Secures all type of cargo using shipboard machinery such as capstans, winches, hoists, and davits. Paints metal, wood, and fiberglass surfaces. Cleans compartments and decks.

Skill Level 2 Provides supervision and technical guidance for subordinates. Maintains vessel charts, publications, and orders. Keeps the vessel log book. Navigates a boat or other watercraft. Beaches and retracts landing craft. Tows vessels and barges in harbors and inter-coastal waterways.

Skill Level 3 Instructs subordinates in watercraft and amphibian operational practices, procedures, and techniques. Supervises the embarking and disembarking of troops from the vessel. Establishes and enforces safety procedures. Schedules shipboard watches. Prepares vessel load plans. Schedules and oversees deck maintenance. Supervises maintenance of life saving and firefighting equipment.

Skill Level 4 Applies Inland and International navigation rules while operating vessels. Conducts crew drills and supervises training on the vessel. Disseminates information on weather and navigational aid changes. Maintains the vessel station bill and crew list. Operates the Mark 27 gyrocompass. Processes operations and intelligence information. Receives, stores, distributes, and turns in vessel supplies, equipment, and food. Administers the vessel mess functions to include all money exchanges, headcount records, daily cook worksheets, and food utilization reports. Coordinates the operation of collective lighter control points (LCPs).