Skill Level 1 Maintains (unit/DS/GS) and replaces brake actuators, batteries, starter motors, alternators, mechanical fuel pumps, hydraulic cylinders/pumps/control valves, drive shafts, universal joints, service brake shoes, disc-brake pads, water pumps, turbochargers, cylinder heads, high-pressure fuel injection pumps, wheel bearings/seals, steering unit torquelink, and road wheels. Adjusts engine speed governor/valves, carburetors, boom-hoist brakes/ clutches, dry-disc clutches, steering brakes, track tension/assemblies, fuel injector racks, and steering unit brake levers. Charges suspension accumulators, transmission shift accumulators, and main hydraulic accumulators.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties in preceding skill level, supervises lower grade soldiers, and provides technical guidance to the soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. Troubleshoots, repairs, and overhauls engines, final drives, power trains, hydraulic systems, and fuel system components. Performs welding and cutting to accomplish repairs.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties in preceding skill level. Supervises and inspects maintenance of construction, powered bridging, and associated equipment. Performs troubleshooting of engines, power trains, fuel and electrical systems, hydraulic systems, earth-moving components, and pneumatic equipment.

Skill level 4. Performs duties in preceding skill level.