Skill Level 1 Establishes and maintains stock records and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting and supply reports. Establishes and maintains automated and manual accounting records, posts receipts and turn-ins, and performs dues-ins and dues-outs accounting. Corrects error and exception documents. Reviews and verifies quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents. Unloads, unpacks, visually inspects, counts, segregates, palletizes, and stores incoming supplies and equipment. Maintains stock locater system and administers document control procedures. Repairs and constructs fiberboard or wooden containers. Packs, crates, stencils, weighs, and bands equipment and supplies. Constructs bins, shelving, and other storage aids. Processes requests and turn-in documents at direct support level through warehousing section. Processes inventories, surveys, and warehousing documents. Performs prescribed load list (PLL) and shop stock list (SSL) duties in manual and automated supply applications. Prepares, annotates and distributes shipping documents. Breaks down and distributes field rations. Operates material handling equipment (MHE). Performs accounting and sales functions in self-service supply.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to lower graded personnel. Ensures that inventories and location surveys are performed in accordance with established procedures. Instructs warehouse personnel in loading, unloading, segregation, dunnage, palletizing, and selection of stock and storage areas. Performs property disposal storage functions. Ensures application of special procedures for handling, storing, packaging and shipping retrograde material. Retrieves and analyzes history and activity files pertinent to system rejected documents. Recommends additions and deletions to authorized stockage list. Maintains accounting records of property disposal activity. Reviews requests for major and controlled items. Reconciles activity records for monthly and quarterly reporting and status reviews. Processes data inquiry and manager referred listings and cards. Manages controlled, critical and reserve stocks and operational readiness floats. Performs financial management functions. Process output from catalog inquiry program, document modifiers and special cancellation requests. Performs commissary store functions to include stock replenishment, price changes, inventories, security, stock receipt, and oversees the constructions of displays. Computes cost of the Basic Daily Food Allowance. Ensures subsistence items stock-age objectives are met. Prepares data input and utilizes ADP output to assist in material management. Prepares reports on labor and equipment, available storage space, relocation of material, warehouse refusals, and stock requirements. Directs correction of location survey discrepancies. Assists unit intermediate maintenance personnel in planning maintenance program. Plans and coordinates subsistence supply activity. Directs corrective action to minimize spoilage, flavor contamination, and improper warehouse practices.

Skill Level 3 Assigns duties, instructs, and supervises subordinates in proper work techniques and procedures. Plans and analyzes operational data and reports to ascertain degree of conformity with established policies, work standards, and procedural directives. Supervises preparation of material control and accounting input for data processing and reviews output documents. Inspects and evaluates inventory management activities. Directs supply personnel in establishment and maintenance of supply and inventory control management functions. Analyzes statistical data to determine effectiveness of technical edit. Reconciles problems in automated supply accounting system. Computes, establishes, and directs modification to authorized stock levels. Plans and organizes receipt, issue, salvage, and maintenance of records for all classes of supply except Cl III (Buick), Cl V and Cl VIII. Ensures compliance with current regulations and directives pertaining to financial inventory, accounting, and stock funding. Determines current and projected repair requirements. Directs lateral redistribution of stock. Performs supervisory duties shown in preceding levels of skill. Prepares and updates warehouse planigraphies. Conducts inspection of activities to ensure compliance with standards of serviceability, reclamation, salvage, and disposal procedures. Conducts warehousing surveillance and inspections. Prepares reports on personnel and equipment availability, storage space, relocation of material, and warehouse denials. Serves as warehouse foreman, chief accountant, store managers, or commissary officer. Interviews, hires and dismisses employees in accordance with COP and commissary regulations. Establishes issue schedules and procedures.

Skill Level 4 Performs supervisory duties shown in preceding level of skills. Conducts inspections and provides technical assistance to storage activities. Assists in development and preparation of operations information including plans, maps, sketches, overlays, and other data related to supply organization employment. Performs liaison and staff duties in a supply and maintenance activity or in a command and staff logistics activity. Analyzes operations statistical data and reports to ascertain functional trends, conformance to standards and directives, and efficiency of operations. Reviews material receipt and off-line document processing procedure. Responsible for the requisition, accountability, wholesomeness, and the safe storage of subsistence items for division size elements and larger. Plans and writes LOIs for subsistence support for major field exercises. Works with and advises installation food service and installation menu board. Interprets and uses command and CONUS annual food plans. Ensures compliance with directives related to subsistence supply storage and distribution operations, including world wide operations. Manages the operation of a troop issue subsistence activity.

Skill Level 5 Serves as principal NCO of supply and services operations. Supervises operation of organizations performing supply and related service operations such as decontamination, transportation, property disposal, and commissary operations. Supervises open and covered storage, receiving, classification, issue materials handling, supply locater systems, facility safety, and supply security operations. Supervises management of material support functions in stock control and accounting, procurement, inventory control, and item financial management. Supervises development and preparation of operations information, plans, maps, sketches, overlays, and related data to employment supply and service organizations. Analyzes reports on supply and service support operations.