Skill Level 1 Receives and stores bulk and package POL products. Issues and dispenses bulk fuels and water from storage and distribution facilities to using units. Selects and submits samples of POL to laboratory for testing. Performs petroleum and water accounting duties. Operates equipment associated with petroleum and water distribution system and multi-product pipeline system. Fuels and defuels vehicles, aircraft, and stationary equipment. Takes emergency precautions to prevent harm to self and facilities in event of petroleum spillage or fire.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill. Assigns duties, spot checks work adequacy, instructs, and supervises subordinates in work techniques and procedures. Determines source of product contamination in storage areas and pipelines and directs reclamation and disposition for petroleum products. Assures adherence to safety procedures and ensures keeping of efficient, clean, and safe work environment. Supervises aircraft refueling and defueling operations.

Skill Level 3 Performs supervisory duties shown in preceding level of skill. Estimates requirements for personnel, equipment, user/organizational maintenance, and repair of petroleum distribution facilities. Schedules and dispatches petroleum and water products through pipelines and other distribution facilities or equipment. Initiates and supervises environmental protection activities and contingency plans. Reviews, consolidates, and prepares technical, personnel, and administrative reports associated with POL and water activities in assigned unit. Supervises unit level quality surveillance operations.

Skill Level 4 Performs supervisory duties shown in preceding level of skill. Supervises and monitors quality surveillance programs and activities. Ensures compliance with fire and safety regulations.

Skill Level 5 Performs supervisory duties shown at preceding level of skill. Performs duties as petroleum quality assurance representative. Assists command and staff officers in appraisals of petroleum and water operations. Assists in coordination and implementation of operations, training programs, administrative matters, and communication activities.