Skill Level 1 Receives samples and conducts tests on petroleum products. Reports findings in accordance with ASTM test methods. Evaluates test results with specification requirements and makes recommendations regarding product disposition. Applies fire prevention and safety control procedures in handling volatile POL products.

Skill Level 2 Identifies sources and types of contamination and deterioration and makes recommendations for reclamation and disposition. Furnishes required quality surveillance reports to higher headquarters. Performs organizational and preventive maintenance and calibration on laboratory equipment. Performs fire and safety inspections.

Skill Level 3 Plans and organizes petroleum laboratory activities. Establishes files and technical references and specifications. Prepares and reviews administrative and technical reports. Supervise all supply activities, coordinates activities with POL storage and distribution. Assists in establishment and supervision of quality surveillance programs. Ensures adherence to laboratory fire and safety procedures. Applies principles of Occupational Health and Safety Act and EPA regulations for possible violations of environmental control laws.

Skill Level 4 Performs staff and advisory duties by assisting and planning quality assurance, surveillance operations, and programs. Makes inspection of contractor facilities to ensure that all provisions of the contract are complied with. Coordinates special testing of POL products, including troubleshooting of differences in results among laboratories.