Skill Level 1 Searches areas for unburied dead, hasty, isolated, or unmarked graves, personal effects, and identification media. Disinters remains, records personal effects, and evacuates remains and personal effects to designated points. Determines and records recovery locations on maps, sketches, and overlays. Establishes and records tentative identification. Assists in preparation, preservation, and shipment of remains. Inventories, safeguards, and evacuates personal effects. Assists in mass casualty burials.

Skill Level 2 Plans and supervises search and recovery operations of deceased personnel, personal effects, and identification media. Instructs in special handling, marking, and shipping of contagious disease cases and processing of contaminated remains. Supervises receipt, storage, and issue of supplies and equipment. Accompanies remains and personal effects to designated locations and assists with arrangements for military honors at place of burial.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties shown in previous skill level when required. Advises commanders and headquarters staff on mortuary affairs activities and coordinates activities of subordinate units. Establishes and maintains liaison with support and combat units. Coordinates transportation requirements for deceased personnel.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties shown at the preceding skill level and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel. Advises on temporary cemetery locations, emergency burials, and security and disposition of remains and personal effects. Coordinates with non-U.S. service authorities, other service authorities, and civilian officials on mortuary affairs matters. Coordinates and advises on military burials and ceremonies. Assists in review of mortuary services contracts. Advises summary court authorities on disposition of personal effects. Supervises mortuary affairs activities.

Skill Level 5 Supervises mortuary affairs activities, provides technical and administrative support on graves registration matters, acquisition of land for temporary cemeteries, equipment requirements for mortuaries, and recovery/evacuation procedures.