Skill Level 1 Inventories, cleans, receives, stores, and issues all airdrop equipment used in airdrop operations. Rigs supplies, equipment, and vehicles for airdrop. Assembles airdrop platform, cushioning materials, cargo, extraction, and personnel parachute along with other airdrop related equipment. Inspects, tests, and installs extraction and release systems. Performs technical, routine, and in-storage rigger-type inspection on cargo, extraction, and personnel parachute as well as other airdrop equipment before, during, and after each use. Pack cargo, extraction, and personnel parachutes. Performs unit, direct, and general support maintenance on all parachutes, textile components, and other airdrop equipment. Uses and maintains machines and tools for fabrication, modification, and repair to parachute and other airdrop equipment. Drop-test troop-type personnel parachute to check proficiency.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties in pacing, airdrop rigger, and airdrop equipment repair shown at the above skill level. Provides technical guidance and supervision to subordinate personnel. Maintains production reports and records. Inspects and classifies airdrop items. Performs initial and final inspection on all parachutes and airdrop textile component. Performs as inspector testers, pack-in-process inspector, and as quality assurance personnel. Performs as malfunction officer at the drop zone. Diagnoses malfunctions occurring in airdrop equipment during airborne operations.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties at preceding skill level. Supervises parachute pack, maintenance, or airdrop sections. Directs section activities, schedules and assigns work load, instructs personnel on job requirement, techniques, and inspects work in progress. Inspects and certifies airdrop loads, airdrop equipment repair, and parachute packing. Inspects air items to ensure manufacture quality control. Controls and expedites coordination with airborne support activities. Assists in planning and coordinating training for standard and nonstandard rigging, sling loading, and airdrop procedures.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties shown at preceding skill level. Supervises and provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel. Assist airdrop officer in planning, coordinating, requisitioning, receiving, and storing equipment and supplies for airdrop. Coordinates with supporting Air Force and Army aviation elements. Provides technical direction and coordination for activities supporting routing and contingency missions. Maintains status on all jumps and airdrops to include schedules by G3 at division level. Prepares and submits required status reports. Maintains a reference library of current publication, regulations, and SOP relating to airdrop and airdrop support. Participates in development and operational testing of airdrop equipment. Performs as the senior NCO in a separate detachment/unit engaged in parachute packing, maintenance, and airdrop equipment rigging.

Skill Level 5 Performs duties shown at preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel. Supervises operations of organizations performing airborne and resupply by airdrop missions. Supervises development and preparation of operations information, plans, maps, sketches, overlays, and related data to facilitate airborne operations. Advises on airborne operational matters and performs liaison between staff and supported personnel.