Skill Level 1 Inspects, tallies, marks, tags, and segregates textile, canvas, and webbed items. Sews, patches, darns, and bastes worn or damaged fabrics. Alters sizes, and repairs uniforms, attaches unit patches, name tapes, and chevrons and replaces fasteners and zippers. Fabricates and repairs canvas covers, tarpaulins, and other items. Operates and maintains sewing, darning, and button machines.

Skill Level 2 Performs duties of the preceding level of skill and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel. Inspects, classifies, and determines repairability of textile, canvas, and webbed items received for repair.

Skill Level 3 Supervises and coordinates operations and preventive maintenance activities in mobile and fixed textile and canvas repair shops. Coordinates maintenance requirements with supporting units. Establishes quality control standards. Estimates supply requirements and requests, stores, safeguards, and issues repaired items. Prepares equipment schedules and operational, personnel, and administrative reports. Maintains records of cost data and expenditures.

Skill Level 4 Performs the duties of the preceding skill level and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel.