Skill Level 1 Performs installation and adjustments of ATC Communications/NAVAIDS systems. Uses troubleshooting techniques to include sectionalization, localization, and isolation to diagnose causes of malfunction or nonfunction to independent equipment and ATC systems. Tests, aligns, and adjusts equipment. Replaces and repairs faulty components and individual parts using repair techniques and trouble analysis charts. Maintains ATC Communications systems. Checks and makes adjustments on avionic equipment associated with ATC systems. Maintains equipment maintenance records, authorized spare parts, supply stock, tool lists, and technical literature. Maintains technical manuals and instructional material for repair of ATC Communication/Navigation systems and equipment.

Skill Level 2 Provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel. Installs and troubleshoots ATC equipment, landing systems, and identification friend or foe/selective identification feature (IFF/SIF) systems. Performs comparison checks on repaired equipment in accordance with test standards. Performs modification work orders, repairs, and replaces faulty components.

Skill Level 3 Performs unit through intermediate forward maintenance of ATC systems and equipment. Instructs in maintenance practices, procedures, and techniques. Assists in diagnosis of complex malfunctions and component modification. Establishes production and quality control procedures. Inspects work and maintenance equipment. Serves as principal maintenance NCO in an ATC platoon or section.

Skill Level 4 Supervises systems maintenance and installation activity. Conducts unit training and maintenance certification programs. Coordinates unit maintenance, calibration, and installation activities. Diagnoses and determines cause of unusual equipment malfunctions. Reads, interprets, and explains specifications, circuits, schematics, and wiring diagrams. Instructs in the demonstration/ utilization of special test equipment, tools, standards, correct maintenance, and installation procedures. Prepares technical reports on ATC Systems.

Skill Level 5 Supervises and evaluates maintenance and installation of ATC systems. Supervises maintenance certification program. Advises maintenance officer/commander of maintenance activities. Develops policies/procedures for ATC facilities/unit maintenance activities. Determines effectiveness of ATC unit maintenance performance.