Skill Level 1 Prepares and conducts air reconnaissance mission. Operates mission sensor/payload for target detection. Plans and analyzes flight missions. Deploys and redeploys the TUAV ground and air system. Operates and performs operator level maintenance on communications equipment, power sources, light and heavy wheel vehicle, and some crane operations. Launches and recovers the air vehicle, performs pre-flight, in flight, and post-flight checks and procedures.

Skill Level 2 Directs emplacement of ground control station. Directs emplacement of launch and recovery systems. Supervises and assists in air frame repair. Coordinates evacuation and replacement of parts and end items.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Supervises site selection of UAV ground equipment using maps, aerial photographs, terrain studies, and intelligence reports. Assists in coordination of intelligence collection. Recommends methods of employment to higher and adjacent units. Maintains mission and operational data base.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Supervises and coordinates platoon operations. Applies military intelligence collection process and surveillance planning to UAV operations. Coordinates shift operations for platoon.

Skill Level 5 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Assists commander in site selection and coordinates functions of various platoons within the UAV company. Supervises area security. Supervises and operates specialized surveillance equipment for tar get identification.