Skill Level 1 Identifies language spoken in an assigned geographic area and categorizes voice signals by activity type. Extracts essential elements of information from foreign language transmissions to support mission reporting requirements. Scans written foreign language material for key words and indicators. Recognizes changes in transmission modes and informs the appropriate analytical or intercept station. Provides translation assistance to analysts. Performs Electronic Support (ES), Electronic Attack (EA), and Electronic Protect in support of EW Operations. Provides written records, hand-copied or gisted, of foreign intercepted communications. Operates communication equipment for SIGINT tasking, reporting and coordination. Drafts technical reports.

Skill Level 2 Supervises signal intelligence/electronic warfare operations. Intercepts, identifies, and records designated foreign voice transmissions. Operates equipment configured to collect and produce written records of nonstereotyped foreign voice radio transmissions.

Skill Level 3 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate soldiers. Collects and simultaneously produces on-line activity records of complex foreign voice radio transmissions containing technical terminology, advanced grammar and syntax, and colloquial conversational forms. Supervises voice signal collection and processing activities and determines priorities. Identifies and performs limited analysis on enciphered voice signals. Implements SIGINT emergency action plans. Supervises squad level voice communication intercept operations. Provides quality control of SIGINT voice intercept products. Supervises EA, EP, and ES operations.

Skill Level 4 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Performs voice intercept and processing of complex foreign voice radio transmissions. Refines essential elements of information requirements for identification and extraction. Determines (ES/EA) requirements for supported units. Supervises collection management.

Skill level 5 Performs duties shown in preceding skill level. Supervises immediate subordinates in SIGINT operations and command intelligence procedures. Coordinates tactical and strategic SIGNT voice collection operations and provides appraisals of intelligence products, activities, and operations. Develops unit intelligence training strategy.