So you have already signed up and are preparing to join the US military. Now you may begin to have some questions. You may endure rigorous physical and mental trials in Basic Training. Let’s say you are prepared to go above and beyond in your Basic Training. Even at the top of your fitness, something could happen. While it is great to show up with confidence in yourself, if something does happen, be prepared. So, what if you get hurt in Basic Training?

It Can Happen to Anyone

First of all, it can happen to anyone. The most important thing to remember is that we are a team. We are all in it together. Do not panic. Injury is a natural occurrence, it is how you deal with it that counts. Even the greatest athletes fall sometimes, but the best get right back up. Knowing that we all come across a snag from time to time will help you push through it. The Army will be there from injury to recovery and have many measures put in place to see you through it. It takes time to heal and the process will vary. Each case is taken individually to secure the best care.


After an injury has been determined in Basic Training, the inflicted will immediately seek treatment. The US military will provide any health and medical needs essential for seeing you through to recovery. In this time, you may experience a delay in your Basic Training program. It is very important that you receive comprehensive training for your success and safety. If your treatment process creates any significant delays in Basic Training, you will then be recycled and put into another class once healed. Focus on your recovery. Your recovery plan will be administered by your physician.

Con Leave

Additionally, if you get hurt in Basic Training and are required an extended period of time for treatment, you may be granted Con Leave. Also known as convalescent leave, Con Leave will allow you to go home and heal. Con leave is a nonchargeable absence of your duty. This program is in place to expedite recovery in the hope of a full return to the Solder’s duty and service. It is not time for a vacation. Allowing you to go home and heal with your family is a privilege provided to ensure the best care. Convalescent leave encompasses injury, illness, and also childbirth. Any medical leave will be determined by your physician and the hospital commander only.


In conclusion, now that we have answered what if you get hurt in basic training, you can feel at ease. Have some peace of mind knowing that the US military has your back and will assist you if any injuries do occur. There are procedures and protocols in place to keep you safe and to ensure your success in Basic Training. Though the program may be tough and strenuous, the Us military wants your success as much as you do. All you need is to come in with a confident and determined mindset.